BUFFMATES organise events for men who enjoy spending time 'in the buff'.


What started as a small group of friends getting together has turned into a calling for nude social events; where like-minded men enjoy socialising in the nude. At the socials, you'll find us relaxing together watching films, playing games, having food & drink and just enjoying each other’s company in a safe and friendly environment.


Don’t forget to check out the FAQ section (below), or drop us a quick email if you have any questions. We're always open to new ideas, so if there is an event you would like to see let us know!


Naturism, nudism, or 'in the buff' is  the practice of going nude - often in a social setting. Baring all is a lifestyle for some, while for others, it is no more complicated than a day at the beach or spending time at home relaxing.


What connects these activities is the sense of freedom; it might simply be freedom through being comfortable in one’s own skin, through a new experience such as skinny-dipping, or an urge that fulfils a desire more profound - like wanting to get back to nature and the freedom it brings.


Social nudity is personally liberating regardless of reasoning for your interest in naturism; you will not only come to accept your body, and body image, but that of others around you as well. Social nudity in a non-sexualised environment can be a great way to boost confidence, self-esteem and forge life-long friendships.


Fees allow us to update and improve the services offered to you.


We charge a membership fee to help keep the website up and running in order to meet the ever-growing demand for social nude events.


Members-only pages and events also bring together genuine enthusiasts.


How do you know you'll enjoy something if you've never tried it?

Getting naked in front of a room full of other naked men is not everyone's idea of a good time. Some men struggle with the basics in their normal daily routines, let alone going to an event where you'll be showing your body off to the entire world! (or so it may seem).

Try relaxing naked privately by yourself and see how you feel after 10, 20 or 30mins. After a short while, you'll forget you have no clothes on at all.

To try accommodate for those wanting to join, but are still a bit unsure, look out for our clothed social events. For those still concerned or uneasy, we're happy to talk to individuals privately to talk through concerns.


No! This is not a sex group.


We're here to provide something different, a space where men can come together and enjoy social nudity without the pressures of it decending into something sexual.

There are plenty of site's out there that cater for every need, if you're looking for something more sexual, please look elsewhere.


We don't all look like Tarzan, most of us are ordinary men like you.


We're not a group who favours one body type over another, everyone is welcome.


We don't make fun or ridicule anyone. We accept men's bodies are all different, and as soon as you start to experience social nudity, you'll think the same way we do.

Being naked around men of all shapes and sizes, will dramatically boost your confidence and self-esteem. Things that once concerned you, will soon seem less significant.

For the bigger or smaller man, look out for our specific
events catered for you to try to make you feel more comfortable. 


It happens...

There are lots of reasons you might get an erection. The only thing you can do is to let it go away on its own. You should never feel embarrassed or ashamed. The only time it would become an issue, is if you decided to try and pleasure yourself, or tried to get others to pleasure you.

It's important to remember that this is about non-sexual social nudity. We all have the same bodily functions which often take us by surprise. if you're able to follow this basic principle, you'll not need to worry about when and if this ever happens.