Thank you to all those who completed our BIG BUFF Review, our finding are below.


We have already started made changes based on your feedback,
more changes will be made along the way. 

Our winner of the Box Menswear mystery bundle is: Josh from Merthyr Tydfil

Impressions of BUFFMATES:
The majority of respondents first impressions of BUFFMATES was that it was a site for naturists. However some noted that they weren't really sure what BUFFMATES was about when first accessing the site. A significant number of respondents also said that BUFFMATES was a site for gay men.
Response: We have moved our 'About Us' section to the homepage to give clarity on what we're about. We've also edited out FAQs to make sure everyone feels included. Whilst the majority of our members identify as gay, BUFFMATES is for all men.
The majority of respondents felt comfortable browsing BUFFMATES, with a small number of respondents saying they felt uncomfortable. The majority felt our content was 'just right' and 'diverse', but with a significant number feeling it was 'not explicit enough' and 'not diverse enough'.
Response: We have always tried to ensure that our imagery is 'family friendly', avoiding full frontal nudity viewable to the public. We've done this so we don't have to have a 'Warning' page when accessing the site. As it's non-sexual naked site, we feel warning people there are pictures which could be viewed as 'explicit' gives off the wrong impression.
We've also tried to ensure that when images are used, they are of a variety of men in a social non-sexual setting, which is surprisingly difficult to find.
BUFFMATES Expectations:
The majority of respondents felt that BUFFMATES met their expectations, with a significant number of respondents saying they were initially not met. The majority of those whose expectations weren't initially met, said they were looking for naturist experiences, friendship and bonding experiences. A number or respondents went on to say that their expectations were still not being met. Some commented 'not many local socials', 'all the events are London-centric', 'unable to look for or chat to local guys to me'
Response: We are at our core a non-sexual community group, which aims to provide a place for men to make new contacts, explore nudity is a safe environment and forge life long friendships. Still a 'new thing' on the nudity scene, we are always looking at new ways we can get people together, and encourage new people to join us.
Interaction on the website between members is currently limited. Our website builder does not offer the complete functionality that we want to give you. Until we can provide this, we do have a chat function and Forum available to use. The forum is not being utilised as much as it could be, and it will only ever be as good as our members make it.
We will inevitably, always be limited by where we can run nude events. Some of the issues we've encountered seeking venues are; having them to agree to have a bunch of naked men in their venue, finding nude staff to work these events, the venues own Health & Safety rules, issues around CCTV being in operation, and the high costs involved hiring entire venues in order to run nude events.
We have booked several venues in the past with mixed results. We find that smaller socials & events tend to work best. We had hoped to run a number of different events over this summer, but sadly Coronavirus has stopped us from doing that.
Most of the events do currently take place in London, it has always been our intention to run socials & events throughout the country. We again, have had the same limitations on finding places to host us, it is often more difficult to find venues outside of London.
Our ultimate goal is to have regular events taking place throughout the country and eventually other countries. We can only do this with a growing following, and growing participation at our events & on our website.
Using our Website & Social Media:
The majority of respondents said that they didn't visit the website or check our social media on a regular basis. About half of respondents also said that the website and mobile site was difficult to use.
Response: We have already started to streamline our pages and have removed dead content. We still have a lot of work to do, and hope the changes made will have a significant improvement.
Our main sources of communication are through our Subscriber Emails, Twitter & Instagram. We would love to hear from you about ways we can improve our media presence, and communication with you.
Content Provided:
There was no clear distinction between what respondents 'were most interested in', 'were not interested in' or 'were interested in seeing more of'.
Response: Our BUFF PLUS members have access to a variety of Magazines, Pictures and Videos. Although this content is not included in BUFF PLUS subscription package, we've added this to provide something additional for those helping support us.
We know that not everyone can attend events all the time. We do greatly appreciate members supporting us, and this is just one way of trying to give something back, evermore so during the current crisis when we have been prevented from running our socials & events.
The vast majority felt our competitions and prizes were 'Good' or 'Great', with around half of respondents saying the had not entered. Those who had not entered felt 'they didn't have the right body', or 'needed to be discreet' 
Response: Our competitions were introduced as a way to help promote our website in public way, reaching out to people who wouldn't normally search for a naturist website, and trying to normalise and demystify what we're about. We also wanted to get people from all over the world taking part, and help grow our community.
Our prizes are funded through our membership subscriptions, with a growing membership we can offer bigger prizes. We will always be limited by products that most appeal to the majority, and you've given us some great ideas for prizes in the future.
We've also taken a big step and introduced 'Incognito', which is a way for those wanting to remain discreet to enter our competitions. When you enter Incognito, we won't publish your photo on social media, or tag it with you name. BUFFMATES members will still be able to view it, but it won't be available to the public.
BUFF PLUS Membership:
The vast majority of respondents were not BUFF PLUS members, did not know what BUFF PLUS was, and were not sure what was included in a BUFF PLUS membership. About half thought our prices were 'competitive' and half thought they were 'too expensive'.
Response: BUFF PLUS membership was introduced to give our members the opportunity to attend all BUFFMATES social events without having to pay individually, allowing them to save money.
Membership subscriptions go towards covering the costs of running our social events, maintaining our website, our domain and advertising costs and also allows us to purchase better competition prizes.
We have tried to ensure our prices are fair and reasonable, based on what we offer at our socials compared to our competitors. We also provide additional content pages on our website, which although not part of the BUFF PLUS package, gives something back to those helping support us.
We are currently reviewing our BUFF PLUS Terms & Conditions, due to being unable to run any of our socials & events during the ongoing crisis. We want to make sure we can still provide a service for our members in the future, should something similar happen again. 
Existing memberships will still be honoured, and we will make it clearer what is included in the BUFF PLUS package. More information will be sent out in the coming weeks.
Socials & Events:
The majority of respondents said they had not been to a social event, either as it was 'too far away' that they were 'too nervous', 'worried about their body' or 'did not know what to expect'. Of those who had attended, the vast majority had a 'great time' and were 'hoping to go again'.
Response: As noted in our 'BUFFMATES Expectations' section, we will always be limited by where we can run socials & events, we are always looking for new venues, so please get in touch if you are able to help find somewhere suitable.
We have held a variety of social events in the past, from film nights, overnight stays, social events and themed events. These have attracted a cross section of men of all ages and backgrounds, and were are so pleased that the vast majority of you who have attended had a great time.
We get that people will be nervous or worried when attending a naked event for the first (or tenth) time, that is completely normal. Everyone will be nervous or insecure about something. What BUFFMATES tries to do, is hammer home that you do not need the perfect body or the the biggest dick to feel comfortable. Nudity amongst men in a social, non-sexual, non-judgemental, safe environment is what we've always been about.
We will provide more information about our social & events listings when they resume. We have however, decided not to publicly post photographs of our events in respect of attendees who do not wish to be recognised.
We also took the decision quite early on that we would not run online or virtual events. We know other organisations have and do, but the discretion of our members would always be at risk using online forums that can be recorded without our knowledge.
The majority of respondents said that they 'never worry', whilst a significant number said they 'sometimes' worry about having an erection. Those who worried felt it 'was embarrassing' or 'gave off the wrong impression'. The vast majority felt that they should just 'ignore it' if they had or saw an erection, with a signification number feeling 'make a laugh or joke' as the best option.
The vast majority of those who identified as Straight, were not put off from attending a social if they saw an erection.
Response: We have always tried to be as open as possible about erections. There is no point sugar coating it, yes they happen, yes people worry, yes people are not sure what to do and find it embarrassing.
Those who have been to our events will no doubt have felt nervous about getting an erection and what to expect. Our events are always non-sexual socials. We take great care to make sure we do not have a sexualised atmosphere, which can often give off the wrong impression. Erections happen less often than you would think at our events, but if and when they do happen, we have always stressed that we feel the best reaction is either ignoring it, or if you are comfortable enough, to make a laugh and joke about it - we feel these are the best ways to stop people from feeling embarrassed about a normal natural human reaction.
We asked you if you were a 'shower' or a 'grower', what you were packing, if you were or weren't 
comfortable with your manhood, and if this prevented you from attending a social or event.
We wanted to see if there was any correlation between being comfortable with your size and if this prevented you from attending an event.
About half said they were a 'grower' and the other half 'showers'. Of those who gave an indication of their size, the majority were 'happy with their size' and it did not 'prevent them from attending a social'. Those who said they 'were not happy with their size' which prevented them from attending, were often in the mid-small size range.
Response: There is no easy way to help with this.
Everyone has a different size and shape, someone will always have a bigger dick and someone will always have a smaller dick.
BUFFMATES is all about bonding and creating lasting connections through socialising and nudity, the very nature of this means dicks will be on display and guys will knowingly and subconsciously compare size and feel inadequate. The best thing we can all do is relax and enjoy the experiences we're all looking for.