Effective date: 1 December 2020 (v1.0) 

By registering for our BUFF PLUS service, you offer to enter a legal contract with us. A legally binding contract is formed.


Please note that any subscriptions you take out are are subject to the current version of these terms and conditions, and its subsequent updates.


BUFFMATES reserves the right to modify or withdraw any of the terms set out  below at any time.

These Terms & Conditions should be read in conjunction with our main Terms & Conditions

1) Definitions

a) “Content” - all information of whatever kind (including profile, images, photos, videos, posts, messages etc), published, stored or sent on or in connection with our Service. 
b) “Member” – a registered subscriber of our Service.
c) “Service” – our website, the services we offer by means of our website. 
d) “User” – any registered or unregistered user of Service.

2) Payment

a) While parts of our Service are available to Users free of charge, certain features (at the discretion of BUFFMATES) are available only to Users who subscribe to our BUFF PLUS membership. Memberships can be acquired at the prices, periods and by the payment methods specified on our website  Payment is in advance. The prices shown on our website do not include any applicable VAT or taxes.

b) Payments to our BUFF PLUS service are regarded as a donation to BUFFMATES.

3) Right to cancel

a) You have the right to cancel this contract without giving any reason.

b) To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us by emailing contact@buffmates.com or by instructing your bank to stop your payments.

3.1) Effects of cancellation

a) Reimbursements of donations will not be made.

4) Renewal

a) BUFF PLUS will automatically renew unless cancelled or suspended.

5) Discounts

a) Users who subscribe to BUFF PLUS will be eligible for a 50% discount of BUFFMATES events to thank them for their donation.

b) Events eligible for discounts will be decided upon at the discretion of BUFFMATES.

6) Mystery Gift

a) A free gift will be available from 1st December 2020, to those who hold an active BUFF PLUS monthly donation subscription. One free gift per person per month, regardless of how many photo's or competitions are entered. Entries must meet the criteria for the competition entered in order to qualify. Only the 'BMOTM' Competitions are eligible  Gifts will be awarded and allocated at the discretion BUFFMATES, and may be withdrawn or modified at anytime.