BUFFMATES is a social and community site for men who enjoy spending time 'in the buff'.


What started with a small group of friends has grown into a community of like-minded men enjoy social nudity. 

There are vey few places or organisations, where men can get together in a social non-sexual environment. We want to provide a place for men to relax and feel safe, away from the pressures of society, which shames nudity and men for wanting to bond with one another.


Naturism, nudism, or 'in the buff' is  the practice of going nude - often in a social setting. Baring all is a lifestyle for some, while for others, it is no more complicated than a day at the beach or spending time at home relaxing.


What connects these activities is the sense of freedom; it might simply be freedom through being comfortable in one’s own skin, through a new experience such as skinny-dipping, or an urge that fulfils a desire more profound - like wanting to get back to nature and the freedom it brings.


Social nudity is personally liberating regardless of reasoning for your interest in naturism; you will not only come to accept your body, and body image, but that of others around you as well. Social nudity in a non-sexualised environment can be a great way to boost confidence, self-esteem and forge life-long friendships.