We've produced this page to help you form your review.

Your review is of course capturing your personal experience, this is just to help structure your words.


A short statement about you 




1) What is it, who is it from, what is it designed to do?

2) How does it work, how is it applied, are there instructions to follow, how easy or difficult is it to use?

3) How does it feel, what is the experience of using it, does it apply or work the way it is suppose to to?

4) What was the result, how do you feel afterwards, has it promised to do what it should do?

5) Would you use again, cost, value for money, overall experience of the product.




1) What is it, where is it, how did/do you get there?

2) What were your initial impressions of the venue/area?

3) What activities are available at the venue/area, refreshments, shops, loos?

4) Is the area exposed to onlookers, roads, or is it secluded, indoors?

5) What were the other people like, what was the customer base?

6) What did you do there? how did your experience go? did you do something different or unique? what did you want to get out of it, what did you enjoy?

7) Would you go again, cost, value for money, overall experience.

8) Sexual Ranking out of 3: 1 = felt cruisey people were having sex. 2 = felt fine, but some people were hooking up and/or masterbating openly, 3 = completely non-sexual experience




1) What is it, who's in it, when was it released?

2) Broad summary of what the film was about without giving away spoilers.

3) How much nudity and/or sexual nudity was in the film.

4) Did the nudity add to the story, or was it included to gratify the audience. Was the nudity appropate for a BUFFMATES audience? (non-sexual / non-graphic)

5) Overall view of the film, overall view of the nudity in the film. Would you watch again, would you recommend for a BUFFMATES audience.

6) Fig rating out of 5: 1 fig = no nudity, 2 figs = some brief scenes, 3 figs = more than a few nudity scenes, 4 = nudity throughout the film, 5 figs = everyone was naked nearly the whole film. If the film contains sexual nudity a 'red fig' should be given.