BUFF Reviewers Terms & Conditions

Effective date: 1 July 2020. 

These Terms & Conditions should be read in conjunction with our main Terms

When requesting a new product or experience to review, you agree to our terms as set out below:

1) Application

Participants are required to submit their initial interest through the BUFFMATES website. Applicants will be sent a product to review. BUFFMATES will then consider the applicants review before agreeing for them to become a 'BUFF Reviewer'.

2) Allocation of Products or Experiences

BUFF Reviewers will request a product or experience category via the BUFFMATES website. BUFFMATES will allocate a product or experience to the BUFF Reviewer at its own discretion.

3) Provision of Products or Experiences

BUFFMATES will provide products to BUFF Reviewers, or provide vouchers to claim products. Where an experience is allocated, BUFFMATES will contribute towards any reasonable costs (See 4) incurred, or will provide ticket(s) or pre-booked confirmation(s) to gain entry.

a) If a BUFF Reviewer is unable to travel to the assigned location for any reason, BUFFMATES will do its best to re-assign an experience.

b If a BUFF Reviewer is unable to review a product due to an allergy or difficulty, BUFFMATES will do its best to re-allocate a product.

4) Contributions

BUFFMATES will contribute BUFF Reviewers for any reasonable costs associated with the experience they have been allocated.

a) Travel costs: BUFFMATES will look to allocate experiences in a reasonable distance from the BUFF Reviewer to minimise costs. BUFFMATES will contribute up to £25 for a return journey (home-experience-home).

b) Daily Expenses: BUFFMATES will contribute towards food or drink consumed during the course or the experience. BUFFMATES will contribute up to £10 per day, per person. Contributions for overnight stays will be outlined on a case-by-case basis.

c) Where a restaurant or food and drink establishment is being reviewed, this limit  (See 4(b)) will be waved. BUFFMATES will confirm a reasonable contribution limit to the BUFF Reviewer before undertaking a review of the establishment.

d) BUFF Reviews are to submit receipts of travel and expense claims via the BUFFMATES website. Contributions will be paid to the BUFF Reviewer within​ 28 calendar days.

e) Payment will be made via Bank Transfer, Paypal or Provision of Vouchers, agreed between the BUFF Reviewer and BUFFMATES.

f) Additional expenses incurred by the BUFF Reviewer, such as cancellation of events or bad weather, will be contributed towards at the discretion at BUFFMATES.

g) Contributions will only be paid out to BUFF Reviewers on submission of an acceptable review (See 5).

5) Reviews

BUFF Reviewers agree to submit an adequate 'review' of the product or experience undertaken as set out in the guidelines located here

a) If BUFFMATES deems the review submitted to be in-adequate, BUFFMATES will request the BUFF Reviewer edit the review.

b) BUFFMATES may edit or re-word submitted reviews for clarity, to correct mistakes, and at its own discretion.

c) Reviews will be posted next to a picture and name of the BUFF Reviewer (See 7).

d) BUFF Reviewers must provide photograph(s) and/or video footage of the experience reviewed to post on BUFFMATES platforms.

e) BUFF Reviewers may provide photograph(s) and/or video footage of the products reviewed to post on BUFFMATES platforms, at their discretion.

f) Reviews should be completed within 21 days of receipts of products, unless an extended period is required due to the nature of the product. Reviews of experiences should be completed within 14 days of the last day of the experience. 

6) Duty of Care

BUFFMATES will do its best to provide products and experiences appropriate to the BUFF Reviewer. BUFF Reviewers agree that they are not 'employees' or 'contractors' of BUFFMATES and must take steps to ensure their own safety testing, travelling and whilst carrying out the experiences at all times.

a) BUFFMATES does not accept any liability for injuries caused by BUFF Reviewers whilst travelling, experiencing or carrying out any duties associated with the experience assigned to the BUFF Reviewer.

b) BUFFMATES does not accept any liability for injuries caused by BUFF Reviewers whilst testing any products assigned to them. Before use, BUFF Reviewers should insure they are not allergic or known too develop adverse reactions to ingredients contains within assigned products.

c) Where an experience involves extended travel, BUFFMATES may seek insurance cover in agreement with the BUFF Reviewer, or seek to contribute to the BUFF Reviewer for taking out insurance cover in their own name.

7) Identification

BUFF Reviewers will have their photograph(s) and names posted on BUFFMATES platforms, or an alias if they choose. Reviews carried out will be associated with the individual BUFF Reviewer, and may be linked to the BUFF Reviewers own accounts and/or social media platforms.

8) Ownership

On submitting a review and/or photographic or video footage to BUFFMATES. BUFFMATES will own the right that material and its distribution on BUFFMATES platforms. BUFF Reviewers agree not to use reviews submitted to BUFFMATES on their own platforms without approval from BUFFMATES.