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This week I hurtled one year further into my mid thirties, and along with the many other dubious gifts that come from getting older (the skin on my penis is now a full four shades darker than the rest of me), one of the most recent and visible is a big fresh crease that runs from my eyebrow to the middle of my forehead. While my skin always used to bounce back from all the scowling I’m apparently doing, my face now has the rumpled texture of an unmade bed!

I decided that it was time to take action - to adopt a skincare routine. The Brickell Best Sellers Sample kit was my answer to this. Arriving in the post, the cardboard selection box of 10 products offered testers for the most popular in the Brickell men’s product range. An American company focusing on natural, organic alternatives to the synthetic products that dominated the market when they started, their on-line shop has everything from anti-ageing to acne control, and shaving/beard maintenance products. Opening the attractive selection box I read the Quick Start Guide and was immediately impressed by the intention to detail, and suggested routine with explanations for what everything does and what order to use it in.

I was looking forward to a week with the products - especially when I saw the claim: “we make the best skin care and grooming products a man can put on his body”, wow, confident pitch guys, so i was really excited to put that to the test. 

For the next week, I stuck to the morning and evening routines, taking time to enjoy each product. I had the scented versions and they smelt magnificent - like high-end spa products. The Daily Essential Face Moisturiser in particular had a minty whiff about it, I imagine it being called something like “Dentist Daddy” if it were a perfume. The purifying Charcoal facial wash was a treat too - this one smelt a bit woody, a bit oceanic, a bit sexy. 

The routine breaks down with a choice of two face washes for morning and night, and has an exfoliating face scrub to usethree times a week. You use the moisturiser in the morning, and anti-aging cream & eye cream every night. Within that range of treatments there are ingredients intended to aid with oily or dry skin, treat wrinkles lines and signs of ageing, remove puffiness and dark circles, strengthen thinning hair, and lift and soften stubble to make it easier to shave. It was so comprehensive that it even included a product that wasn’t actually described in the suggested routine included with my samples - the reviving day serum, which I enjoyed using nonetheless. In fact the whole set was great to use, providing cooling sensations, gentle exfoliation and rich lathers (depending on the product), and at the end of the week I found that my skin looked noticeably fresher, and felt taught and matte to the touch.

This was a quick and easy way for me to get a comprehensive taste of the best of the range - enough of each to use sparingly over quite a period, all thoughtfully described and explained for you. It couldn’t have been simpler. Best of all of course, it’s free - and not as part of a subscription package either, for the one-off cost of postage and packaging (around the £5 mark) you get to try the kit and then buy the products you want afterwards.

The prices are a little on the premium side - we’re not talking supermarket face wash money here - but I saw enough of what they do, to know that I can rest assured that my skin is in safe hands, and that alone is worth the price. They made a bold claim when they said they were the best things you could put on your body but after a week with them, that confidence seems justified.